Preschool Crafts Set Among Largest of its Kind on Amazon

Preschool Crafts Set Among Largest of its Kind on Amazon

Preschool Crafts Set Among Largest of its Kind on Amazon

SmitCo pop beads, a product made to encourage children’s learning, is making a strong impact on Amazon. One of the largest DIY jewelry-sets on Amazon, this product has been used for children’s parties and at pre-schools, as well as for individual play.


Oct 8, 2019

SmitCo is delighted to announce that its recently launched DIY jewelry-making kit is currently one of the largest preschool crafts sets available on Amazon. This set of preschool crafts comes with 725 pieces, including letters, rings, bracelets and headbands. According to the brand, the large size of the product makes it an excellent choice for not only children’s parties and preschool activities, but also for individual play to create many different jewelry pieces in a variety of styles.

Most occupational therapists and early childhood educators believe that beading promotes children's development in many different ways. Overall developmental benefits of this activity include improved fine-motor skills, visual motor and cognitive skills, visual perception, planning, creativity, and more.

SMITCO Pop Snap Beads

“Our brightly colored beads come in various shapes, sizes and textures so she has endless creative possibilities. Kids will love the feel of the smooth beads against their little fingers as they snap them together,” said a spokesperson from SmitCo LLC. ”Use these craft kits for girls as an exciting activity that introduces your child to STEM learning while fostering the development of fine-motor skills.”

Continuing its tradition of creating innovatively designed learning toys for children, SmitCo has recently launched its new Air Dry Modeling Clay for Kids. This clay modeling set contains two mold sets with various shapes, 36 colors packed separately in 20-gram bags, one tool set,  Ziploc baggies to prevent the clay from drying out and a storage box. These craft kits for kids 4-6 years of age can help develop imagination and creativity with limitless ideas for new creations.

SMITCO Air Dry Clay Set for Kids


SmitCo is a family-owned-and-operated business delivering innovatively designed children’s products that encourage children’s development and learning. Many of its products have already received strong praise from Amazon shoppers.

Those interested in SmitCo’s children’s products should visit the company’s website or Amazon storefront.