Three Ways Molding Clay for Kids Aids Child Development

Three Ways Molding Clay for Kids Aids Child Development

Studies have shown that molding clay for kids is a fantastic learning and play aid for children. It is also beneficial in so many ways, including fine motor development, imagination and creativity, calming and soothing, and socio-emotional skills. 

The clay is not only an effective hands-on educational tool, but also helps to draw children’s attention away from the television screen as well as those of other electronic devices. 


As an educational toy, the modeling clay air dry helps in:

1. Boosting Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination

Children have untapped levels of creativity and imagination in their small heads. Modeling dry clay for kids encourages their little brains to explore the landscape of their imagination, and you will be surprised by how much your kids can do with a small mold of clay at home. There is no limit on what they can make in terms of shapes, patterns, and art. Furthermore, screen-time is reduced significantly as their minds are active and engaged for long periods.

2. Fostering Your Child’s Sensory Development 

But it is just modeling clay! Yes, modeling clay is a great avenue that you can use to enhance the development of your child’s senses at a very early age. They can see and pick colors, augment their motor skills as they mold and move around the play area while allowing them to regulate themselves in an uncontrolled environment. 

Children are free to do what they like with the modeling air dry clay for kids without the supervision of parents or teachers. This boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Sensory development is integrated during playtime, letting the children fine-tune their senses and, once the information from the senses is interpreted by the brain, stronger interconnections are created.


3. Creating Quality Bonding Time Between Parent and Child

Instead of spending a whole Saturday in front of the TV, why don’t you join your children in the play area? As you and your children play with the clay, you will get to enjoy and learn what they love as you teach them different shapes and patterns. 

While most air clay for kids is safe for older children to use without supervision, you should not allow younger children to use it without an adult present.  This will be a good opportunity not only to ensure that you bond with your children but also to ensure that they are safe as they create sculptures and make memories that will last a lifetime.

SmitCo Modeling Clay for Kids: A Better Playtime Idea

SmitCo’s modeling clay for kids is a lightweight foam clay that children can use for modeling and slime. The clay set is self-hardening, does not crumble and comes in 36 colors, each in bags weighing 20 grams. A sturdy tub for storage with a handle is also provided.

Competitor companies produce dry colored clay that crumbles just before the sculpture is complete. On the other hand, the air-dry clay from SmitCo does not dry out and remains intact, allowing your children to play with it for hours. Remember to store the clay in the Ziploc baggies to it moist until the next time. The colorful clay sets are a perfect way to cultivate kids’ creativeness and imagination.

SmitCo manufactures toys that are safe for children. Its molding clay for kids is no exception, as it is made only from non-toxic and safe raw materials. Colorants, additives, and other toxic chemicals that can injure children’s health are excluded. The molding clay is also free from any fumes and vapors that might choke the children during playtime. However, the clay should be used under supervision for children less than three years old as it contains small parts. Air Dry Clay

To guarantee children’s safety, SMITCO has a Children’s Product Certificate, which ensures that each kit complies with the applicable children's product safety rules according to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements.

Get your no crumbling, self-hardening, lightweight foam air-dry modeling clay for kids from SmitCo and keep your children engaged for hours with this great playtime option.