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Jewelry Set for Little Girls

Product Descriptions
  • WHILE OTHER JEWELRY FOR LITTLE GIRLS AND TODDLERS ARE EITHER TOO BULKY AND HEAVY OR THE ELASTIC BREAKS EASILY, this set is made of strong elastic with small and light beads fitting for kids. Most girls love jewelry so go ahead make her day with this fun non-toxic wooden bead set for kids 2 through 8 years old!
  • BECAUSE THE SMILE ON HER FACE IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! Create lasting memories by giving gifts she’ll love. We all have memories of special gifts we’ve received. Make this fashion jewelry set for your toddler or princess one of those memories for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, her birthday or a flower girl. Cute beaded accessories are definitely amongst children's favorites.
  • EASE OF USE: The necklace and bracelet costume jewelry sets are easy to put on and remove by children because of the elastic and no clasps to fasten which makes it great dress up or play jewelry for girls when they need to change their accessories lol!
$ 11.99
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